In view with the significance of data in this day of technology, Datamentors has come up with

interesting sessions to teach about data. We have a cool idea to attract youngsters when they are young and that’s how the idea of the training program ‘FUN DATA’ has shaped out.



Fun data Program for kids from age  8-10

The entire training session is designed around

gamification, storytelling, role plays and software tools and to develop a mindset to live with logic and Facts . We teach them how to develop visual thinking , improve memory . Develop analytical thinking and self improvement 


Fun Data Program for age 11- 15

We Teach them systems and processes for practising a data driven lifestyle this will develop in shaping an individuals with in them ,Activities such as role plays and storytelling will encourage them to think out loud and socialise well while gaining knowledge.


Fun data for 15- 17

 We teach them about importance of data , Capturing , Reshaping data , Visualising their each activity through data and make take small decision in their life . We help them in understanding data pattern and data driven prediction 

Program Features

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